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Dr. Keanu Lin - BVMS, CVA


Dr.Keanu 於中獸醫學院中獲得獸醫針灸認證,並於 2009 年在澳洲Murdoch大學取得獸醫學士學位。在回港後的11年內一直於珍禽異獸及小型動物診所執業。對病危護理和急救有濃厚興趣的他,過往6年在一間24小時急診服務的醫院擔任急救獸醫,為各種特殊情況的小動物提供晩間的診症和病危護理。自2016起至今,,他先後進修獸醫針炙課程和獸醫膳食療法課程,希望能精進技術去幫助有需要的小動物,目前Dr.Keanu 在中獸醫學院進修中獸醫學課程。在工餘時間,Dr. Keanu喜歡和家人共聚天倫之樂,希望他們的小朋友於充滿愛與關懷的環境中成長。

Dr. Keanu Lin is certified in Veterinary Acupuncture through the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). Dr. Keanu Lin graduated from Murdoch University, Australia in 2009. He then returned to Hong Kong, where he has spent the past 11 years working in exotic and small animal practices. Dr. Keanu has a special interest in emergency and critical care and has been working as an emergency veterinarian in an exotic hospital for the past six years. He enjoys being able to deal with exotic cases and providing them with the medical care they need the most. In 2016, he completed the Small Animal Acupuncture course at the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Since then, he has been practicing acupuncture in order to help his patients and has completed the Veterinary Food Therapy course. He continues to expand his skill set and is currently enrolled in several herbal courses through the Chi Institute. Outside of work, he relishes his free time with his family and showers his two young kids with much love and attention.