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Mei Chan 

BA Visual Arts, VN (AIRC Cert IV)

Mei2015年獲得視覺研究學士學位後,持續進修,在2020年完成了AIRC Cert IV並獲取獸醫護士的資格。Mei對野生動物保育及照顧年長動物方面,特別感興趣。在星寵動物醫院工作,她能接觸到不同物種的小動物及與牠們交流溝通,又可傳遞正確的飼養知識給不同人士,幫助更多動物。Mei不在本院工作時,她喜歡觀看電影,去旅行,及户外活動或與她飼養的八哥犬 (Mo Mo) 一起玩耍



After completing her BA in Visual Studies in 2015, Mei continues to study and complete the AIRC cert IV in 2020 as a certificated veterinary nurse.  When she is not working, Mei enjoys watching documentary films, hiking, going to the beach and spending time with her pug, Mo Mo.  Mei has a special interest in wildlife conservation and taking care of senior companion pet. She enjoys working at Zodiac because she likes exploring the differences between each unique species that we see daily and how they express themselves. Learning and sharing animal care knowledge is the happiest thing to Mei.