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Steven Ma 


BSc Biology, VN (AIRC Cert IV)

Steven 於2011年加入獸醫助護行列,其後兩年半工讀完成愛丁堡龍比亞大學生物科學理學士課程,並於2019年考獲A I R C Cert IV資格,他於2020年加入星寵動物醫院 。他喜歡成為獸醫與主人之間的橋樑並能夠從中照顧不同種類的動物,協助動物康復及解答主人們的疑問 。他喜歡在星寵動物醫院工作因為能接觸幾乎所有能飼養的珍禽異獸。工餘時間他喜愛學習不同的技能,玩樂器、繪畫、潛水都是他的興趣。

Steven has been a veterinary assistant since 2011. He finished a Bachelor degree of Biological Science from Edinburgh Napier University and received AIRC cert IV in 2019. He joined Zodiac since 2020. He likes to communicate with owner and ensure best treatment plans from veterinarian were delivered. He enjoys work in Zodiac because he can see every exotic pet in here and being involved in their curing process. When he is not at work, he likes to learn new skills, playing music instruments, drawing, scuba-diving are all what he likes to do.