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Dog One Life is a full service Japanese style pet shop and service center which started in 2004. Besides selling high quality puppies, we sell dog clothes, feeds and accessories from all around the world. High quality services include home delivery, dog training, dog grooming, photo shooting and day services can also be found in our shops.

DOL cafè and bakery located on 1/F of our Causeway bay shop provides a fun and spacious place for you and your dogs!

Besides a selection of thousands of pet product, we emphasis very much on our customer services!  We host periodic pet functions to enhance the relationship between you and your dogs.

We also hired top Japanese groomer in HK, Miss Harumi Moriguchi to be our advisor, so that we can keep a high standard on our grooming and Japanese style services in every way, and give the best care and advise to our customers. 

DOG ONE LIFE創立於2004年, 是一間一站式全方位服務的日式寵物護理及服務中心。我們除了售賣優質幼犬外,還提供各國之優質寵物用品及糧食! 服務包括送貨、犬隻訓練、犬隻美容、寵物寫真及日托服務等。



願境, - 以創意及良心成為全世界最好的寵物店!