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Navid Tam 

Bsc, AIRC Cert II
Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator

Navid 於2016年畢業後成為獸醫護士 他是個理想主義者和自然愛好者 平時喜歡接觸大自然 也喜歡重型音樂 他相信動物也有他們的情感和感受 這令他希望自己能有能力去幫助受病魔及痛楚煎磨的小動物 他加入星寵 是因為他認為星寵除了能夠給予病人優質的治療之外 也能夠給予牠們和牠們的家人 減輕恐懼和憂慮的安撫。

Navid has been working as veterinary assistant after his graduation of BSc in 2016. He is an idealist and a naturalist. He loves staying in the nature meanwhile, he like listening to alternatives and metal music. A belief that animals have its own emotion, makes him want to become an animal saver who can rescue those little creature suffering from pain and sickness. Curing a disease is not that difficult, but comforting animals and their families’ heart is more challenging. Navid chose to join Zodiac because Zodiac is able to cure the patients and heal their hearts by the best way.